Industrial Martí de Relojería S.L. watchmaker from Potens Watches, is a watch family Company founded in 1954, expert in full service for watch makers.

In the beginning it was specialized in repairing pocket watches, adapting them for being used on the wrist.

Later they started to manufacture watch parts, cases, bezels, glasses, watch straps in its own workshops.

Some years after, they created the supply department: replacement parts for watch movements as well as tools and equipments for the watch industry.

The transition from mechanical watches to quartz, far from being a problem, served to hold in the market. The manufacture of diagnostic equipments for quartz watches and training courses to repair watches and technical conferences started.

Potens watches are produced with mechanical and quartz movements and are positionated in the mid to down section of the market.

Nowadays, this family company placed in Barcelona, builts the Potens Watches that you can see in our website.